Sweet Lovers Being Seduced by Mojo Donuts in South Florida

South Miami is becoming the donut capital of South Florida.

Mojo Donuts, which brought its image of wild flavors from Pembroke Pines to Westchester two years back, will open a third doughnut shop at one of the most noticeable intersections in South Florida.

It will impart space to the up and coming 3 Chefs and a Chicken at the southeast corner of U.S. 1 and Red Road, actually in Coral Gables, however over the road from the core of South Miami. There, Mojo will be inside close proximity of two other artisan donut shops. Salty Donut, which began the gourmet donut furor in Miami, plans for a second area in South Miami, at the old Fox’s Lounge, not a long way from Honeybee Doughnuts, the first boutique donut shop to the scene in South Miami.

What’s more, here’s a reward: The previous Wendy’s area at 6601 SW 57th Ave. — which sold for $9 million out of 2015 — will incorporate a spot for one of Miami’s best new ice cream producers, Sweet Melody. It has been serving its desserts nearby Mojo Donuts at its Westchester store and at the Wharf on the Miami River. They hope to be open before the finish of September.

“We’re really excited about it. We think it is going to be an amazing place for us,” Mojo co-proprietor Jimmy Piedrahita said.

Mojo Donuts will open a third donut shop in Coral Gables, near South Miami.

Mojo Donuts made a grand entrance with sweet lovers when it opened in Pembroke Pines in 2013 with flavors like creme brulee with torched top, maple-bacon bars, guava and cheese and its 420 Munchies, a glazed coated yeast donut covered with chocolate, Snickers crumbles and potato sticks. They have created in excess of 200 unique flavors and show between 40-to-50 on some random day.

That is the place Piedrahita found them and talked the proprietors into giving him a chance to open a spot in Miami, where he added fried chicken to the menu. His fried chicken sandwich on a flame broiled donut was highlighted on Guy Fieri’s prominent Food Network show, “Diners,Drive-ins and Dives.”

Piedrahita as of late began growing the Westchester store to make a perpetual spot for Sweet Melody after clients cherished having Mojo Donuts with a side of ice cream. Sweet Melody’s imaginative flavor mixes incorporate cheesecake ice cream with Maine blueberries; Belgian chocolate with liquor and chocolate cake and Gorgonzola ice cream with apple-fig jam and pralines.

“We are really diversifying the donut,” Piedrahita said.

That pits three donut shops in direct rivalry. Be that as it may, Piedrahita trusts every donut creator will build up its own dedicated following.

“There’s room for everyone,” he said. “You can have any kind of donut you want. And I love it. I think it can be good for everyone.”

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