The Citadel Food Hall is Miami’s Latest | 15 Eateries and a Marketplace

The Citadel Food Hall

South Florida’s nourishment call rage is in full drive, and the most recent to make a big appearance is The Citadel food hall(8300 NE Second Avenue), which opened to people in general this end of the week. The eagerly awaited nourishment lobby flaunts 15 distinctive sustenance and drink stations in addition to a housetop bar, commercial center and even a radio creation studio.

Initially inherent 1951 as a First Federal Savings and Loan Bank, the building was upgraded in 2016 to save the first milestone’s MiMo engineering style. The 62,000-square-foot, blended utilize building is loaded up with sustenance stations that are both natural and not really commonplace in South Florida, including the 15,000-square-foot nourishment lobby.

Prevalent restaurants that have advanced toward Citadel incorporate Taquiza, Palmar, Vice City Bean, Bianco Gelato, and two stations by Antonio Bachour, one sweet engaged and one chocolate centered. Newcomers incorporate Rare Burger from the 33 Kitchen group, Ash! Pizza from the Stanzione 87 pair, Caribbean restaurant Manjay, Society BBQ from Richard Hales of Sakaya Kitchen, cooked nuts and seeds by Il Nuts, charcuterie station Meet n’ Cheese, and juice spot Palma Juice Co.

The Citadel food hall is now open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. For more information call 305-908-3849.

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