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Tips for Improving Value Through Design

Tips for Improving Value Through Design

Let’s talk about home design. Thanks in part to networks like HGTV and Netflix, social channels like Instagram and Snapchat and even magazines (yes, print lives on) with a seemingly endless array of content for home designers, flippers, renovation experts, weekend warriors and crafty people, you don’t have to go far to find the best (and some not so great) trends in home design. In addition to being a great hobby or a fun way to picture your own dream spaces, contemporary and effective home design elements add value to a home, increasing profitability. So, whether you are looking to start small or tackle a whole house remodel, here are some tips to get you going.

Plan, plan, plan

An interesting fact: home improvement projects typically cost about 25 cents on the dollar. The other 75 cents go directly back to the home through increased value. That is a win for any homeowner but to get the biggest return on your home improvement investment, you will want to plan it thoughtfully. What are your goals? Make a realistic budget for both your money and your time. Prioritize your list from must-haves to dream wish list items. Want some guidance on what kind of return your planned renovations or upgrades will bring? Talk to you Realtor®! They are a valuable resource in the planning stage and beyond.


Did you know that improving a home’s curb appeal can add up to 5% to your home value? Your home’s exterior provides the first impression after all, so tackle that old roof or shingles or change the overall look with a fresh paint job. Add some outdoor décor or design elements such as window boxes with flowers, new house numbers, an updated mailbox or outdoor lighting to easily, and inexpensively, update the look of your home. And always pay attention to landscaping. A neat lawn, trimmed trees and bushes and clean driveways and walkways impress in the most unassuming ways.


From the latest smart home technology to small facelifts, there are numerous ways to update your home’s interior. Contemporary lighting, flooring and cabinetry make an immediate impression. But don’t worry if you do not have the resources for large renovation projects, something as simple as replacing hardware, drawer pulls, light switch covers, light fixtures or adding greenery will subtly change the look of your home, adding modern touches perfect for any budget. A new paint color breathes life into any room and perhaps the biggest tip… keep it clean! Not only will a professional cleaning for the interior and exterior of your home make it look its’ best, it will keep your maintenance costs down and surround you in comfortable living.

Preparing Your Home for a Florida Summer

Preparing Your Home for a Florida Summer

Summer is here and the temperatures are quickly rising. Whether you are a snowbird or permanent resident, summers in Florida require a little extra TLC for your home. From hurricane prep to vacation prep or everyday considerations, a little planning goes a long way and can keep your home safe and sound for many years to come.

Snowbird Season

Flying north for the summer? Maybe taking an extended vacation? Getting your home ready for your absence is an important function in the life of a homeowner. Make a checklist to keep you organized and you will be ready to go in no time. Some things to keep in mind when leaving your home for an extended time period:

  • Clean out your fridge
  • Unplug electric appliances and make sure all faucets are turned off
  • Send in any requests for the stoppage of service in plenty of time. Mail, cable, internet, etc. can put many services on hold while you are away.
  • Finally, tell your neighbors how long you will be gone or contact your neighborhood security. A little attention goes a long way in keeping the integrity of your property and keeping your home safe from wannabe burglars.

Hurricane Season

If you have lived in Florida for even one summer, you know the importance of hurricane preparation. Running from June 1st to November 30th, hurricane season is unpredictable, but we Floridians are pros so make sure your kit is stocked and you are tuned in to the news and December will be here before you know it. Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Sign up for your community’s warning system and tune into NOAA and EAS for alerts
  • Declutter drains, gutters and outdoor spaces. Remove anything that could fly around.
  • Keep important paperwork in a safe place. If it can’t be with you, be sure to secure it in plastic waterproof bags before packing it away. Keep password protected digital copies where possible.
  • Consider hurricane shutters and flood insurance
  • Check out FEMA’s fact sheet for homeowners by clicking here.
  • If you are faced with filing a claim after the storm, do it fast.

Staycation Season

Summer in Florida means hot and wet. Rising humidity levels affect our homes, valuables and power usage and frankly, hot temps and high humidity is uncomfortable. In addition, it can lead to mold and mildew affecting your home’s value and your health. Check out these tips to help stave off mold and conserve energy:

  • Experts agree that thermostats should be set between 76 and 78 degrees for those staying at home. If you are away, you can bump the temperature up a bit to help with energy costs.
  • Use ceiling fans and close the drapes and blinds during the hottest parts of the day
  • Switch to LED bulbs for more energy savings
  • To prevent mold, clean filters and use a humidifier. Check windows and doors for condensation and adjust air to stop it.
  • Inspect your home for leaks, water damage, etc.
  • Be sure to prepare your hurricane kit and keep it stocked and handy

Although there are a lot of things to think about with summer home prep, planning is key. And remember, we never have to deal with snow. So, get ready then go out and enjoy safe and happy summer.

Preparing to Sell Your Home

Preparing to Sell Your Home

Getting ready to sell your home? There are many things to consider before you list your property. Not only does a well-prepared property speak to buyers on an emotional level, but the best prepped homes lead to the fastest sales at the best price and isn’t that really what every home seller hopes for? If you can afford a professional stager, that is always an excellent choice. However, if you can’t, don’t worry… preparing your home for sale doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little consideration and a good plan, your home will be prepped and ready to welcome potential buyers in no time. Bring on the offers!

First things first… take a walk through the home as if you are the buyer. What would you look for when considering investing in a property? Take notes. Fix anything that stands out. Small repairs go a long way. Are your rooms a bit outdated or does one room have a wall color that seemed fun when they were painted? Small renovations such as new fixtures, cabinet hardware or a new coat of a neutral colored paint will help potential buyers to see the home as a backdrop for their personal design style.

Clean everything. Organize pantries, closets and cabinets. People will look inside and having an organized space is an indicator that you take care in how the house is maintained. Take notice of how the space flows and remove anything that interrupts an easy flow. Placing some thoughtful vignettes around the home will help potential buyers to see how a home might be lived in. Coordinating linens and a scented candle in the bathroom or a strategically placed book and coffee cup next to a comfy chair will instantly invoke images of the perfect livable space.

And finally, if you are selling a property that has been your place to call home, saying goodbye might not be easy. Removing personal touches from the rooms may help to depersonalize the space. Once you have decided that selling is right for you, it is never too early to start cleaning up. Donate. Pack away photos and other personal items. Not only does it help to loosen the emotional ties, but it will also make moving easier in the long run.

Home Design 2019 | 7 Hot Trends for 2019

Home Design 2019 | 7 Hot Trends for 2019

What is trending in home design for 2019? The designers at Houzz tolled in with their best picks. Here are a couple of their picks for best home design trends in 2019:

Tile backsplash feature wall. Home Design 2019

Photo by Caroline SharpnackSearch kitchen design ideas
Tile backsplash feature wall.  Home Design 2019

In home design for 2019 more kitchens are utilizing tile for a highlight divider, taking the tile from ledge to roof. The tile is even behind gliding racks and range hoods to make an eye-getting highlight divider.

Glass and steel room dividers. Home Design 2019

Photo by Jours & NuitsBrowse home office photos
Glass and steel room dividers.  Home Design 2019

As of late, we’ve seen expanded notoriety in glass and steel for front entryways and shower fenced in areas on Houzz. Be that as it may, smart thoughts spread rapidly. We’re seeing more glass and steel dividers between inside rooms and anticipate that that should proceed in home design for 2019. They give an open inclination while as yet giving some security and commotion control, alongside a snappy realistic component or differentiating shading to generally white dividers.

The centerpiece tub. Home Design 2019

Photo by Chris SnookBrowse bathroom ideas
The centerpiece tub.  Home Design 2019

Property owners are spending more to build the measure of their washroom and cut out a spa-like space. What’s more, the home design trend for 2019 is giving a ton of thoughtfulness regarding making the tub the elite player of their space.

Black is back. Home Design 2019

Photo by Fine House PhotographyBrowse kitchen ideas
Black is back.  Home Design 2019

Dark is entering kitchens in a huge way. Dark range hoods, island highlight hues, and every dark bureau are springing up in more plans. Houzz predicts more kitchens including dark cupboards matched with white dividers, back-splash and ledges for a dynamic and refined differentiation.

Furniture benches in the dining area. Home Design 2019

Photo by Studio RevolutionLook for dining room design inspiration
Furniture benches in the dining area.  Home Design 2019

In the kitchen, worked in bench seating in an eating alcove isn’t just in vogue yet in addition offers additional capacity if that wasn’t already enough. Architects are getting seat furniture pieces, which offer a reasonable and helpful option. “It turns almost any dining spot into more of a lounge area, and you can tuck a few storage baskets underneath for blankets, games, place settings and more, giving you the feeling of a banquette without the commitment,” Houzz notes.

Board and batten exterior. Home Design 2019

Photo by Corynne PlessBrowse exterior home ideas
Board and batten exterior.  Home Design 2019

The cutting edge farmhouse look is as yet going solid all through the home, yet outsides are additionally reflecting it now as well.  “The board and batten method of construction delivers that homey look and adds texture and interest to what might otherwise be a flat facade,” Houzz notes.

Wood vanities can help convey a substantial portion of warmth to the restroom. Wooden vanities have for quite some time been well known on Houzz, yet the most recent plans are moving in the direction of recovered wood or light wood with get stains that draw out grain design subtleties and bunches.

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The New Hot Home Color in 2019 is…

The New Hot Home Color in 2019 is…

Behr, the paint company, has announced a rich, bluish hue for it’s Color of the Year in 2019.  The new hot home color in 2019, Blueprint, is a mid-tone blue that is defined as warmer and softer compared to denim and navy.

Adopting a full range of blue, teal, and gray will be a new hot trend in home design for 2019 is what Behr foresees.  “Layer light and dark blues on walls, cabinets, furniture, and decor for impactful results,” Behr says.

blue tone bathroom

The color pairs well with the trending tone that has been influencing home design in 2018, which has also been combined with the rise in demand of dark greens and purples in interior design.

The company states that Blueprint is a dark color but at the same time be a classic that can be combined with a variety of color combinations and in a wide range of home styles also.  This color can be used for an accent wall, on kitchen cabinets, in home decorations, bed coverings or comforters, or furniture accessories.

blue dining

Gray will stay a popular neutral in 2019, but color predictors think that as warmer tones in taupe and terra-cotta increase in demand, earthy blues and combinations in brown will also grow.

Behr also anticipates that powder blue, blush peach, and tinted lilac will emerge as the latest neutrals in 2019 along with gray.  These hues produce “relaxed and expansive spaces,” the paint company says.  “Matte finishes emphasize softness, while metal accents add glamour.”

blue kitchen

So let’s see if the new hot home color in 2019, Blueprint, along with the blue, teal and gray color tones will be popular hues that will trend in home interior design.  Will the dark tone be embraced by homeowners?  Also, which part of the country will adopt the new blues into their home for 2019?  Colors are always an effective and inexpensive way to give your home a new a refreshing look.  I guess we’ll wait to see what kind of a splash the new hot home color in 2019 will make.


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