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Miami-Dade Approves “Another Sexy Highway” to Extend the Dolphin Expressway

Miami-Dade Approves “Another Sexy Highway” to Extend the Dolphin Expressway

After obtaining preliminary approvals in June, a controversial plan to extend the Dolphin Expressway, AKA “Another Sexy Highway,” to West Kendall through the Everglades was approved by Miami-Dade commissioners by 9- 4 votes on Thursday.

According to critics, the 13-mile project challenges sound urban planning practices and threatens the natural environment. Earlier this year in a sarcastic marketing campaign launched by the Transit Alliance Miami, the so-called Kendall Parkway Plan earned the nickname “another sexy highway.”

While the final route of the six- lane extension is still being completed, the new tariff will push beyond the county’s own urban development boundary— a line that separates protected natural lands such as the Bird Drive Basin from developments such as subdivisions and malls.

In addition to worsening traffic congestion, encouraging suburban spread and threatening the Everglades, opponents argue that the $ 1 billion plan could be at the expense of the type of mass transit improvements that the county actually needs.

Despite winning over most of the commissioners and appearing to be a fore sure conclusion, the project still needs to secure state, federal, and Department of Environmental Resources Management permits.  Meanwhile, the new “sexy highway” in Miami-Dade county could potentially face some unsexy lawsuits.

Kendall Parkway


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The New Hot Home Color in 2019 is…

The New Hot Home Color in 2019 is…

Behr, the paint company, has announced a rich, bluish hue for it’s Color of the Year in 2019.  The new hot home color in 2019, Blueprint, is a mid-tone blue that is defined as warmer and softer compared to denim and navy.

Adopting a full range of blue, teal, and gray will be a new hot trend in home design for 2019 is what Behr foresees.  “Layer light and dark blues on walls, cabinets, furniture, and decor for impactful results,” Behr says.

blue tone bathroom

The color pairs well with the trending tone that has been influencing home design in 2018, which has also been combined with the rise in demand of dark greens and purples in interior design.

The company states that Blueprint is a dark color but at the same time be a classic that can be combined with a variety of color combinations and in a wide range of home styles also.  This color can be used for an accent wall, on kitchen cabinets, in home decorations, bed coverings or comforters, or furniture accessories.

blue dining

Gray will stay a popular neutral in 2019, but color predictors think that as warmer tones in taupe and terra-cotta increase in demand, earthy blues and combinations in brown will also grow.

Behr also anticipates that powder blue, blush peach, and tinted lilac will emerge as the latest neutrals in 2019 along with gray.  These hues produce “relaxed and expansive spaces,” the paint company says.  “Matte finishes emphasize softness, while metal accents add glamour.”

blue kitchen

So let’s see if the new hot home color in 2019, Blueprint, along with the blue, teal and gray color tones will be popular hues that will trend in home interior design.  Will the dark tone be embraced by homeowners?  Also, which part of the country will adopt the new blues into their home for 2019?  Colors are always an effective and inexpensive way to give your home a new a refreshing look.  I guess we’ll wait to see what kind of a splash the new hot home color in 2019 will make.


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Understanding The Real Estate Cycle To Profit On A Deal In Any Market

Understanding The Real Estate Cycle To Profit On A Deal In Any Market

Most of the time in life, it is best to take a step back and look at the bigger picture to put things in perspective and make a smart decision.  But, I have noticed that when it comes to real estate investing, it is wiser to dive in and analyze the specifics of the market to make a solid business decision.  In order to profit on a deal in any market you need to understand the real estate cycle.

If you gather information from one real estate market and apply it to another you are at risk of missing out on deals that can generate a good amount of cash flow or long-term appreciation, because markets differ from location to location.  Different real estate markets can be in different parts of the real estate cycle simultaneously.  It can be sunny in Miami while snowing in New York at the same time.  And to get more specific there can be a market within a market that is responding differently.  For example, it can be sunny in Coral Gables, FL and raining in South Miami, FL.

Closely following your real estate market, and being able to identify the phase it is currently in, is crucial in making a sound investment versus deciding what deals to pass on.

Real Estate Cycle

The Basics

The real estate cycle consists of four phases, and they look like this:

Phase 1 | Recovery

Recovery is, most of the time, the hardest phase to signal out.  Demand can still be slow when the market is recovering from a recession.  Rental activity can be flat and not many developers are building as often, so the market can still seem sluggish.  Although, to the trained eye (those paying attention to the details in the data), increase in property showings, a slower pace of past decline, or an interruption in the downward trend are all signals that the real estate market is heading upward in the growth direction.

During this recovery period, properties that need renovation and repairing can be a great opportunity to purchase, repair and renovate, then sell it for a strong return in the upcoming expansion phase.  This is a great moment to acquire solid assets and hold them until the expansion.

Phase 2 | Expansion

Markets in expansion are heading upward and are facing a growing demand.  The economy outlook is strong and jobs are plentiful.  Rents are rising and vacancy is low.  Developers are building more and at the peak of the expansion phase, supply and demand are in harmony.  During this stage, builders and investors can profit from a higher demand knowing that turnover has reduced and rents are rising.

This is also a great time to execute the strategy of purchasing neglected properties at discounted prices and improving them to make a considerable profit during the expansion phase.

Phase 3 | Hyper Supply

Hyper supply happens when the economy begins to slow down or developments continue while demand slows down.  Both of these are causes for occupancy rates to decrease and rents to decline.  During this phase, wise investors look for good properties with steady tenants and long-term lease agreements already secured.  Although, nobody can say when the next expansion phase will take place, these fixed-income investments provide a high level of performance until the next lease assuring stable times when the recession hits.  At the same time, investors who can maintain their patience can reap the rewards of the opportunities presented by desperate sellers.

Phase 4 | Recession

When the players in a market can’t distinguish the downturn or choose not to acknowledge the warning signs of slowing demand, the hyper supply phase transitions into the recession phase.  You can spot a recession by its oversupply, high vacancy rates and falling rents.  In this very saturated market, investors willing to take a higher risk can purchase foreclosure properties, vacant land and fixer-uppers and developments at discounted prices compared to replacement cost.  This is a long-term strategy for the investor who is patient enough and willing to work to stabilize the asset and hold until the cycle moves back through the recovery phase.  Investors must choose wisely or risk getting burned by the fire.

In Conclusion

One of the most important factors to keep in mind is that different markets can be in different phases at the same time.  So a plan of attack that works in the hyper supply phase in Miami, FL may not be as effective in an expansion phase in Los Angeles, CA.

Also, nobody can predict how long each phase will go one for.  Even if we look into past data, we can’t expect the same highs and lows because the economy is always changing.  On top of that, since cycles can vary from location to location and property type, the key is to be sharp and on the look out while understanding the details of each market so you can wisely implement the best strategy in every different situation.  If you do, then you are bound to build a diversified real estate investment portfolio strong enough that has the ability to weather any storm.


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Dissecting the Big, Scary Listing Agreement Into an Understandable Deal

Dissecting the Big, Scary Listing Agreement Into an Understandable Deal

Congrats, mortgage holder! You’re prepared to sell your home, and you’ve picked a Realtor you trust to take care of business. That is a major advance toward your ultimate objective.  Now it is time to make it official by signing the listing agreement.

In any case, before you can put your home available and demonstrate it off to the world, you have to make the arrangement with your real estate agent.

That is the place where the listing agreement comes into play—to set up a composed course of action among you and your specialist, kick off the offering procedure, and set the phase for the following couple of months of your home deal.

You may feel a few nerves about that enormous, frightening contract before you. Also, you likely have a great deal of inquiries regarding whether the understanding you’re taking a gander at is standard and to your acceptance.

Here’s all that you have to think about the listing agreement so you can make all necessary endorsements with certainty and genuine feelings of serenity.

What is a Listing Agreement?

“The listing agreement is a legitimate contract between a property holder who might want to offer their home for as much as possible and a decent, real estate organization who might likewise want to offer their home for as much as possible,” clarifies Raymond Goirigolzarri, who’s sold many homes in Miami, FL.

The agreement is a lawfully authoritative contract that gives the real estate professional or company the privilege to offer the home. There are a few distinct sorts of listing agreements, however three of them are most regularly utilized.

Exclusive Right to Sell Listing:

The Exclusive Right to Sell Listing is the most regularly utilized listing agreement among property holders and real estate professionals. It’s a lawfully restricting contract that permits the agent (or company) full and aggregate command over the exchange and rights to the settled upon commission once the home offers.

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Anybody can start a house bidding competition. Believe it or not—you can create various offers on your ordinary, normal single-family house in the city similarly as you can fresh out of the box new development with a waterfront view and extravagant highlights.

Truth be told, the most sought after inventory (that is Realtor talk for homes available) at this moment across the nation is entry-level.

Think you have an extraordinary home for one of those first-time purchasers searching for a moderate jewel? All things considered, you are in a prime position to acquire in excess of one offer.

Presently, it helps if your home has great bones and an attractive area. On the off chance that that is the situation, you would prefer not to pass up instructing the most elevated price for your home basically in light of the fact that you weren’t willing to put in the work.

We asked the imaginative Mary Lobos, a top producing Real Estate agent in Baton Rouge, Louisiana who’s sold 76% more properties than her companions in the territory, about how to begin a house bidding competition with savvy prep work and a little inventiveness.


How to begin a house bidding competition with a major clean-out

How to begin a house bidding competition with a major clean-out

Consider putting your home available like a game or play you get ready and practice for—say, the halftime execution of the walking band at halftime, or the introduction of a play at the theater.

The group of onlookers never observes the meticulous hours invested stamping energy or practicing your lines. They just observe the end result, which better be great.


Get more pedestrian activity (and offers) with a 'moving deal'

Get more pedestrian activity (and offers) with a ‘moving deal’

Sayonara, garage sale. You’ve been supplanted with the substantially trendier “moving deal,” a showcasing occasion that you can match keenly with an open house.

When you offer your home, you need to juggle house showings with the moving and cleaning up process—and a carport deal is an awesome method to dispose of a bundle of stuff without a moment’s delay.


One restorative change can dispatch a house bidding competition

One restorative change can dispatch a house bidding competition

Similarly as any house can begin a bidding competition—the apparently most lovely, consummate house can likewise wait stale available shockingly.


Your house bidding competition promoting rush handbook

Your house bidding competition promoting rush handbook

As much as you need to establish a major connection when your home hits the market, placing it before the general population just once is a squandered chance.

Amid the initial two weeks, you ought to anticipate that your Realtor will execute a multi-stage advertising rush to advance your home locally and on the web.

These showcasing activity things can give your home that introduction support it needs to achieve the correct purchaser, and even scrounge up enough enthusiasm to begin a house bidding competition.

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The Future Of Real Estate Commissions

The Future Of Real Estate Commissions

When it comes to real estate, it’s all about location. But when it comes to staging a home to sell the highest possible price, the importance of location applies to more than just the street.

The placement of your furniture and accessories can make or break a room and potentially even a sale.

Why it matters?

The look and feel of a space is created by the way the various items in that room are positioned. If you put them in the wrong place you can instantly diminish the overall appearance of the area, regardless of whether the items individually are stylish and on-trend.

Good placement, however, will have the opposite effect, to the point where even less attractive furniture located correctly around the room can produce amazing results.