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Renting 101 for Tenants

Renting 101 for Tenants

Location, location, location… While it may not be everything for renters, location plays a big part when deciding on a property to call home. Cost, amenities and ease of transportation are just a few more considerations that go into finding the perfect rental property.

Thinking about moving can be daunting. And in a crowded rental market, even more challenges arise. A good place to start is by first setting a realistic budget and creating a wish list for your next home. It should go without saying that your budget is important. While renting provides some benefits – your landlord or property management company handling the cost of repairs for one – it is important to take a thorough and practical look at your finances. As a rule, rent should cost around a third of your monthly income leaving room for other bills, groceries, transportation costs, renters insurance and more. For those who would like a little help figuring out their budget, there are many tools and calculators online while websites like Mint.com help you sync and organize everything in one, user-friendly and easy to understand place.

So, you have your budget, now the fun begins! Making a wish list is part of the excitement of finding a new place to live and can include everything from ‘short commute to work’ to property features such as granite countertops or wood floors to a building with a pool that rivals the world’s best resorts. Start by putting your non-negotiables at the top… number of bathrooms, parking spaces, must-have washer and dryer… then move on to the things that you would like to have but could work around for the right place. You will end up with a prioritized list that will help you when you start looking at potential properties.

Once you have narrowed down your search, you will want to learn everything you can about the property. Ask questions like “who is responsible for repairs?” and be sure to find out everything that is covered in the lease so you are not surprised by extra fees that could strain your budget. Do you have pets? Make sure your furry family member is also covered by the lease and plan for related expenses. Understand your lease terms completely. What happens if you have to break the lease? Life is full of surprises so read the fine print and ask questions before you sign anything.

Whether you are searching for a temporary relocation or a place to call home for the foreseeable future, a little planning will help you find success in your search!

Preparing to Sell Your Home

Preparing to Sell Your Home

Getting ready to sell your home? There are many things to consider before you list your property. Not only does a well-prepared property speak to buyers on an emotional level, but the best prepped homes lead to the fastest sales at the best price and isn’t that really what every home seller hopes for? If you can afford a professional stager, that is always an excellent choice. However, if you can’t, don’t worry… preparing your home for sale doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little consideration and a good plan, your home will be prepped and ready to welcome potential buyers in no time. Bring on the offers!

First things first… take a walk through the home as if you are the buyer. What would you look for when considering investing in a property? Take notes. Fix anything that stands out. Small repairs go a long way. Are your rooms a bit outdated or does one room have a wall color that seemed fun when they were painted? Small renovations such as new fixtures, cabinet hardware or a new coat of a neutral colored paint will help potential buyers to see the home as a backdrop for their personal design style.

Clean everything. Organize pantries, closets and cabinets. People will look inside and having an organized space is an indicator that you take care in how the house is maintained. Take notice of how the space flows and remove anything that interrupts an easy flow. Placing some thoughtful vignettes around the home will help potential buyers to see how a home might be lived in. Coordinating linens and a scented candle in the bathroom or a strategically placed book and coffee cup next to a comfy chair will instantly invoke images of the perfect livable space.

And finally, if you are selling a property that has been your place to call home, saying goodbye might not be easy. Removing personal touches from the rooms may help to depersonalize the space. Once you have decided that selling is right for you, it is never too early to start cleaning up. Donate. Pack away photos and other personal items. Not only does it help to loosen the emotional ties, but it will also make moving easier in the long run.

Moderate Housing Inventory Growth Expected for 2019—Good News For Home Buyers

Moderate Housing Inventory Growth Expected for 2019—Good News For Home Buyers

For the past couple of years, historically low housing inventory has been driving up competition (and prices) for real estate in markets all across the country. But it seems like 2019 is going to see that (finally!) begin to shift. While gains are expected to be moderate, housing inventory is at minimum going to be trending in the right direction in the upcoming year.

According to Realtor.com’s 2019 Housing Forecast, national housing inventory increases are projected to stay right below 7% for 2019 (which is in direct contrast to last winter when housing inventory hit the lowest level in recorded history). A few types of properties will see more growth than others—while entry-level buyers will see only slight changes in housing inventory, higher-priced properties (and higher-priced markets) should see a more noticeable change in available inventory in the upcoming year.

The Takeaway

If you’ve been having thoughts about buying a home but haven’t been able to find a property in this highly competitive market, it seems like things are finally starting to change in your favor—and (hopefully!) finding a home in 2019 is about to get a lot easier.

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